Young people 13 – 18

Strong Safe and Resilient

We have created this programme to help young people stay safe and build their confidence and resilience. It has 3 elements:

  • Personal development – self esteem, setting goals, increasing resilience
  • Safety awareness – online safety, understanding of grooming and sexual exploitation and how to make safe choices
  • Group projects – working in small groups to create a project to increase awareness of grooming and sexual exploitation with other students across their school/youth setting

The projects created by the young people come together as a safety awareness campaign which is presented to parents, governors, local community partners at a celebration event to mark the participants’ achievements.

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Safe on the Streets workshop

This workshop helps young people to stay safe when they are out and about and teaches them simple but effective self defence techniques to escape from a physical attack. Using the law on self defence we explore responses to low, medium and high risk real-life scenarios, including knife crime.

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Positive Relationships Ambassador Programme

Delivered across an academic year, this programme trains up to 40 students to be Positive Relationship Ambassadors. These ambassadors run activities and awareness events to help educate their peers on issues such as

  • healthy relationships
  • online safety
  • grooming
  • sexual exploitation
  • impact of pornography
  • gender equality

We also provide training for staff on the above issues and deliver an assembly or talk to students mid-way through the programme.

Whole-school surveys are carried out at the beginning and end of the programme to measure the impact of the programme and support is offered throughout the year.

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Stay Safe young women’s personal safety workshops

We have developed a series of workshops for young women which focus on the experiences of participants and reflect the reality of their lives.
We explore issues including:

  • keeping safe when socialising
  • online safety
  • healthy relationships
  • relationship violence and abuse
  • peer pressure
  • valuing yourself

We use discussion, facilitation and video, case studies and role play to raise awareness and empower young women to take control of their personal safety. They will receive practical tips and advice on how to reduce risk, increase awareness and increase their confidence.

Each workshop includes simple but effective physical techniques to defend against an attack. The techniques we teach are designed for ‘everywoman’ regardless of size, shape, agility or level of fitness.

Workshops last 60 or 90 minutes and can be run for 8 (minimum) to 15 (maximum) young women.

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No Pressure

Workshop sessions for young people (aged 13-18 years) to make choices about sex that feel right for them and helping them to decide when they are really ready. Developed to empower young people to trust their own feelings, the sessions use practical activities and discussion to explore:

  • understanding the role of the media and peer pressure
  • learning how to say ‘no’
  • alternatives to sex
  • identifying a support network and the importance of friendships
  • building self esteem

Workshops last 60 minutes and can be one-off sessions or part of a series which covers the areas listed above.

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Respect Me Too

Programme for young people which explores respecting themselves and others. Covers issues including:

  • healthy/unhealthy relationships
  • friendships
  • online safety
  • grooming
  • sexual exploitation
  • sexting
  • domestic abuse
  • impact of pornography
  • peer pressure
  • media representations of men and women

Usually delivered over 10-15 hours and uses film, discussion and activities to increase awareness and explore the issues. Participants create their own group projects, using their own skills and interests (art, music, photography, design, creative writing, drama etc.) to share their learning with their peers and the wider community. Content is adapted to age of the participants and topics are agreed with school/youth group in advance.

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It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work alongside Julie. The level of student engagement generated was exceptional and the outcomes produced were outstanding. I am confident that all schools would benefit significantly from working with her.

Ten things you need to know about relationships

This 1-hour talk has been developed for high school students and uses humour, facts and a personal story to share important messages about keeping safe, valuing yourself and not being pressured by peers or the media. Can be delivered to whole year groups, classes or in assembly.

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We also run standalone sessions on the following topics:

  • Resilience – how to ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong, positive thinking, role models, support networks and lots of tools and practical tips
  • Body language – how we communicate and what messages we send to others and how we can read others (aggressive, passive and assertive)
  • Reducing risks – how we can take positive steps to keep ourselves safe when we are out and about.
  • Relationships – healthy vs unhealthy relationships. Using real-life quotes from other young people, participants assess relationships and give advice on how to stay safe.
  • Child sexual exploitation – using real-life case studies, this session will explore the issues of CSE, grooming and where to get help
  • Think Before You Send – discussion, film and activities around sexting  – its impact and how to stay safe.
  • Gender stereotyping – what it is, why it matters and what we can do to challenge it.
  • Body confidence – activities and discussion around the realities of changing bodies and body image, media representation etc.
  • Impact of porn – how it affects young people and how to minimise its impact.

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