What we do

Our tailored workshops and courses empower participants to take control of their safety and stop anyone hurting them. We take an holistic approach to personal safety and focus on emotional as well as physical safety.

Our learning events provide a safe, informal environment for participants to obtain practical advice and simple physical techniques to stay safe.

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Children aged 3-11 years

We work with families, schools, uniformed groups and organisations to empower children to stay safe through our radKIDS Children’s Safety Course and Keep Me Safe – children’s workshops.

Young people (11-18 years)

Our Stay Safe young women’s personal safety workshop focuses on keeping safe when socialising and online. Includes simple, but effective physical techniques to stop someone hurting them.

Respect For All explores the impact of gender inequality on the aspirations, relationships and lives of girls and boys. Looking at toys, clothes, representations of boys and girls in the media and discussing their own experiences and views, the young people create a peer education project to share their learning across school or college.

Respect Me Too is a programme for girls and boys (aged 11-17) which explores the issues around respect in teenage relationships. Using activities and discussion we raise awareness about healthy and unhealthy relationships, abuse, sexting, grooming and child sexual exploitation. Includes a group project created by the participants which they use to raise awareness of the issues with their peers.

Positive Relationship Ambassador Programme trains up to 40 students to become peer educators to raise awareness of healthy relationships, abuse, sexting, grooming and child sexual exploitation. This year-long programme includes training for staff and an assembly/year group talk delivered by us.

NoPressure’ Workshops to support young people to make choices about sex that feel right for them and helping them to decide when they are ready


Stay Safe Forever – comprehensive course which covers emotional and physical ways to keep yourself safe

Stay Safe Workshop – tips, advice to reduce risk and stay safe and practical techniques to stop someone hurting you

Coping With Anxiety – practical advice and tips to help you live with anxiety

Healthy Relationships – exploring what makes a relationship healthy and unhealthy, our relationship with ourselves and identifying how you deserve to be treated by others


Happy Healthy Safe – course to help you talk to your child about sex and healthy relationships. Tips and advice on ongoing, clear communication to help your child stay happy, healthy and safe.

Lone workers

Personal Safety Awareness – workshops for lone workers or those who have to work anti-social hours which focuses on reducing risk, diffusing tense situations and escaping from potentially violent situations

Older people

You Can’t Fool Me – personal safety advice for older people to avoid scams, bogus callers and street crime. Examples and case studies provide stimulus for discussion, awareness and group work together to provide information for others.