Happy, Healthy, Safe – helping you to talk to your children about sex and relationships

This informal course is designed to encourage parents/carers to provide positive sex and relationships education in the home. Tips and advice on when and how to talk to your child and maintain communication with them – thus avoiding the dreaded ‘facts of life’ chat.

We provide a relaxed, safe and comfortable environment for parents/cares to access relevant information and develop their confidence, sensitivity and skills in relation to their child’s sex and relationships education.

Topics covered include:
• physical and emotional changes during puberty
• confidence and skills in responding to your children’s questions, including the ‘nightmare questions’
• understanding social and cultural attitudes towards sex as it relates to children
• when and how to talk to your child
• what they will learn at school

The course is taught in 2-hour sessions over 3 weeks to small groups of parents/carers.

For more information or to book a course, please contact us.