Children age 3 – 11

radKIDS children’s safety course - safety education for childrenOur comprehensive 8-hour course empowers children to take control of their safety and covers a range of issues including:

• road safety
• keeping safe at home
• keeping safe when out and about
• how to react in an emergency
• safe behaviour around dogs
• responding to adults who try to trick you
• dealing with bullying
• good, bad and uncomfortable touches
• simple physical techniques to stop someone hurting them.

The course is tailored to different age ranges; 3-5, 5-7 and 8-11, and uses safety games and fun activities to engage children, reinforce learning and develop instinctive responses. Each child receives a detailed 50-page Family Safety Manual an open invitation to attend future courses to practice techniques, free of charge until their 13th birthday.

radKIDS originated in America where it is the leading national programme for children’s safety. We have adapted the course to ensure it is relevant to children in the UK, whilst maintaining the overriding focus and themes which have made the course so successful in keeping children safe across the USA and Canada.

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Julie’s charismatic approach to teaching really engaged the children and was pitched at the right level for the children. I liked the breadth of the course and the balance of teaching new ideas and reflection. The course was excellent because it covered way beyond what I would have covered with my daughter at home. She is more confident dealing with situations and has been able to recall so much of the information she learnt.

‘Keep me safe’ children’s safety workshops

We offer a range of workshops for children aged between 3 and 11 years on the following safety issues:

• keeping safe at home and when out and aboutFreedom Personal Safety- child safety courses, image Chris Roll
• fire safety
• how to react in an emergency (age 4-8)
• safe behaviour around dogs
• road safety
• responding to adults who try to trick you
• starting school (primary and high school)
• safe and unsafe adults
• dealing with bullying
• my body, my choice
• online safety

We use games and fun activities to engage children and reinforce learning. By using active learning methods, children learn how to respond instinctively through doing rather than just listening.

Parents/carers are invited to attend (where possible) so they understand what their children have learnt and can continue the learning at home.

We run children’s workshops in schools, nurseries, playgroups, children’s centres, youth clubs, with uniformed groups, community groups and organisations. We also offer a full children’s safety course which covers all the areas listed above as well as a range of physical moves to stop someone hurting them.

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It was brilliant! The children got so much out of this session. It was practical, informative and so positive and helped the children feel valued

Family Safety Programme

This programme brings together our Stay Safe Forever women’s course plus one or more of our Keep Me Safe children’s workshops. It was developed for women and children who had experienced domestic abuse, but is available to all families.