We believe everyone has the right to be safe.

www.freedompersonalsafety.co.ukAs a small but dynamic social enterprise, we work in partnership with organisations in the public, private and voluntary sector to make a difference to people’s lives.

Statement from Julie and Elaine, co-founders of Freedom Personal Safety 16 March 2021:

The events of the past week have shocked and appalled us, and has brought to the fore something that we have known for a long time – women’s safety isn’t just a women’s issue. As you know women’s safety is at the heart of our work, but in order to bring about change, it is essential to work with men and boys too, exploring issues such as sexual harassment, the impact of gender inequality and violence against women and girls.

We have created and developed programmes with young people on peer education projects exploring healthy relationships and the impact of domestic abuse. In recent years our programmes on online safety, impact of pornography, sexual harassment and rape culture have given us the opportunity to work with young men and women to react against the societal norms of gender bias and stereotyping created by adults, and giving them a safe space to discuss, challenge and find their voice to speak out against gender-based abuse and violence.

Our work is deeply personal and is driven by the need to change the status quo. We will continue to strive for a safer and more equal future for women and girls.

Do get in touch if  we can work with you to acheive this goal.


We are…

• passionate about helping all women find their physical and emotional strength and take control of their safety
• enthusiastic about helping lone workers to reduce risks
• committed to working with families to ensure all children can enjoy their childhood without being hurt
• working with parents on how to talk to their children about healthy sexual relationships
• proud to work with young people in helping them enjoy relationships based on respect
not abuse


We are committed to excellence and are accredited by RAD-Systems and radKIDS; the two leading self defence organisations in the USA.  We are the only organisation delivering the hugely successful RAD-Systems and radKIDS courses in the UK.

If you are as passionate about ending violence and abuse as we are, contact us to see how we can work together.