We believe everyone has the right to be safe.

www.freedompersonalsafety.co.ukAs a small but dynamic social enterprise, we work in partnership with organisations in the public, private and voluntary sector to make a difference to people’s lives.

We are…

• passionate about helping all women find their physical and emotional strength and take control of their safety
• enthusiastic about helping lone workers to reduce risks
• committed to working with families to ensure all children can enjoy their childhood without being hurt
• working with parents on how to talk to their children about healthy sexual relationships
• proud to work with young people in helping them enjoy relationships based on respect
not abuse


We are committed to excellence and are accredited by RAD-Systems and radKIDS; the two leading self defence organisations in the USA.  We are the only organisation delivering the hugely successful RAD-Systems and radKIDS courses in the UK.

If you are as passionate about ending violence and abuse as we are, contact us to see how we can work together.