Why it matters

We are dedicated to ending violence and abuse through prevention programmes. Research, crime statistics and data demonstrate why our work is needed:

1 in 3 children will experience bullying (NSPCC)
Our radKIDS children’s safety course empowers children to respond to bullying

1 in 4 women will experience sexual assault or rape in their lifetime (CWSAU)
Our workshops and courses empower women to say ‘no’ and utilise their emotional and physical strength to stop anyone hurting them.


1 in 5 workers will experience violence or abuse doing their job (TUC)
Our workshops for lone workers and those who work anti-social hours focus on reducing risk, increasing awareness and diffusing tense situations so the opportunity for violence or abuse is removed.

1 in 7 female students will experience physical violence or abuse during their time at university/college (NUS)
We run workshops in colleges and universities which are tailored to the lifestyle and experiences of students which focus on harassment, clear communication and self esteem.

33% of teenage girls is sexually assaulted by their boyfriend (NSPCC)
We work with young people on how to enjoy healthy relationships without abuse or violence or feeling pressured into sexual relationships too soon


44% of parents with teenage children have not spoken to them about sex (Ofsted/Teachers TV)
Our Happy Healthy Safe course helps parents to talk to their children about healthy relationships and sex by providing resources, information and support