Show Testimonials

My mentee AC who came along to your workshop in July and has managed to conquer her fears.
She successfully enrolled and started college at the beginning of September and has been travelling independently 3 days a week to attend her course.
She is also doing a placement in a local beauty salon and is now happy to run errands, collect the milk / go shopping without clutching her phone.
She has blossomed into a very confident young woman and even calmed other students at the college when a barefoot stranger entered the premises and had to be removed by the police, in what could have resulted in ‘ mass hysteria’.
She is also managing her grandmothers nervousness at allowing her to go out and travel alone.
I am really proud of her for what she has achieved and pleased that she gained so much confidence from attending the Stay Safe workshop.
She tells me she has even recommended it to fellow students and friends

It was brilliant! The children got so much out of this session. It was practical, informative and so positive and helped the children feel valued

Thank you so much for running the Keep Me Safe from Bullying workshops today, everyone really enjoyed it. It was so valuable and everyone in Stockport should know about you and your work. Your passion and honesty shone through and your humour made a serious subject enjoyable and amusing. We would love you to come back and do some more work with staff and families at school.

The Stay Safe courses and workshops make an impact on people because Julie empowers them to take control of their body language, response to threatening behaviour and this is particularly valuable to those people who have low self esteem and lack of confidence. All the sessions I have seen her deliver are positive and help women and young people focus on what they can do, not what they can’t. I know that Julie often works with women and young people who have experienced violence and abuse and can be reluctant to participate. She creatively comes up with new ways to reach people and connect with them to build relationships. This leads to people trusting her and feeling more able to try her approaches to staying safe.

Now I know to just protect myself then run like hell and get help rather than hanging about to batter them. I have stopped going out hoping someone will have a go at me, because now I realise I am special and better than that. I won’t put myself in a potentially dangerous situation on purpose.